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Nowadays, many big companies have migrated to various cloud-based platforms in order to maximise efficiency, convenience, and reduce cost. Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure are some of the common cloud-based platforms in which companies migrate to. These cloud-based services give many advantages to companies in different ways.

1. Storage – Cloud-based services give users a large space for storing important information such as emails and documents. They can also be used to incorporate a company’s database which contains all the key information regarding their clients and projects.

2. Connectivity – Employees and staff in a company, through cloud-based services, can easily connect with one another. The popular Exchange Online found under Microsoft Office 365 gives users access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks and offers more room for messages to be sent.

3. Security – Cloud-based services are usually hosted by third party data centres, which also provide the user with a more secure account. Big companies such as Microsoft gives companies the best cloud computing platforms and help monitor and maintain access to private information.

4. Accessible anywhere – One huge advantage of cloud-based services is that it is easily accessible no matter where you are. These services are designed to store information in a large data centre and to allow users to retrieve them anytime and anywhere. So if company employees need to travel from place to place, they can just log in to their “cloud” and immediately gain access to what they need.

5. Pay as you need – Cloud-based services typically come in various packages from which companies can pick from at varying prices. Small companies can opt for a cheaper package to suit their needs; as they expand and grow bigger, they can easily upgrade to other packages. With that, there is no need for companies to pay for features they do not yet need.

There are many more specific advantages of using cloud-based services besides the main points mentioned. However, there are many technical aspects that need to be fully understood by companies before choosing to use these services.

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