HP ProDesk: The best desktop for your business needs

HP ProDesk range has been designed for meeting the needs of professionals and businesses. These desktops have very high processing & computing speed. They are driven by 4th Generation Intel Core processors. You can customize these desktops, in terms of their capabilities, so that they can meet the needs of your business in a better way.


HP ProDesk 400 G3 Microtower PC: This is certainly one towering PC

  • HP ProDesk 400 G3 Microtower PC is a small form factor PC. This desktop is expandable. It can be expanded and upgraded to meet the growing computing and data processing needs of a business. It has 16 GB DDR3 synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM).The SDRAM increases the computing speed of this desktop PC substantially.
  • The small size of these PCs makes them suitable for placing in environments where space is a constraint. Businesses operating in large metropolitan cities often face space constraints.
  • The power saving feature of this desktop optimizes its power consumption. Savings are therefore made on energy bills. Lower power consumption also translates into lower carbon footprint for the business.
  • This desktop comes with USB ports and display ports. The display port enables it to support more than one monitor. The USB ports make it convenient to integrate other hardware features with this desktop PC.