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Optimal printing at its best with Managed Print Services

Optimize your printing in a more streamlined process with Managed Print Services. As a matter of fact, managed print services is important not only to allow efficiency but also reduce cost. Positioned as an IT outsourcing company that provides IT managed services in Singapore, Acco Technology offers managed print services.

What is managed print service?

Managed Print Services is a program offered to embrace technological innovations and enjoy a lot of benefits that allows you to take control of your printing processes. It manages every aspect of your business printing devices, including printers, faxes, scanners, and copiers with automated workflow, heightens security and allows your print management to be less a chore. Below are the reasons why managed print services play a vital role in your company:

Boost productivity

With good managed print service, you are actually saving more time on the printing processes. Managed print service providers will provide basic training for your company to ensure your tasks will not be suspended by minor breakdown of printing devices. Wireless connectivity brings your productivity to a new level where you can print with mobility. This function can be utilised with a mobile phone of your employee which saves time and increases efficiency.

Safe and secure

One may wonder, such cloud printing might be a victim to information leak of security breaches, however, the Managed Print Service also secures your files and information from moving away from your network either by accident or even by foul-play. Acco provides you with these security solutions that are available in Managed Print Services as well.

Save costs for your company

You will able to minimize printing costs by optimizing your fleet of printers by automating the processes. This would help you save on print related costs. At Acco Technology who provides quality IT managed services in Singapore, you can rely on us for managed print service too!